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Brückner Data and Technology Consulting

Brückner Data and Technology Consulting

Made in Switzerland.

Welcome to Brückner Data and Technology Consulting. My name is Benjamin L. Brückner, and I offer my services in the realm of big data, AI, coding and all other projects, where you require technical expertise.

Professional Experience


University of St. Gallen

Senator & Studies Member of the HSG Senate, bachelor studies in economics with specialisation in data analytics and data handling. Currently in final Semester, GPA of ø5.72.


Swiss Armed Forces

Sergeant of the Swiss Armed Forces (Cyber Defense) Sergeant of the Swiss Armed Forces, working in the branch responsible for cyber defense and cyber intelligence.


Crypto Society

President and Founder of the Crypto Society Founded and led the Crypto Society of approximately 80 members, of which I led the board of 20 people. Organised events with up to 600 people, and brought the topic of crypto to the HSG.


Die Ostschweiz

Guest Author Regular guest author, writing about various topics.


Schweizerische Studienstiftung

Co-President of Local Chapter I co-led the local chapter of the Schweizerische Studienstiftung at the University of St. Gallen.

Natural Languages

🇨🇭 German native language

🇬🇧 English C2, certified by 8.5/9 IELTS diploma

🇪🇸 Spanish C1, exchange year in Costa Rica

🇫🇷 French B2, certified by Swiss Matura

🇮🇹 Italian B1, currently enrolled in B1 university course

🇳🇴 Norwegian A1, studied and lived 3 months in Oslo

🇨🇳 Chinese A1, certified by university course

Coding Languages

user.coding_languages = ["Python", "R", "Ruby", "JavaScript", "HTML", "CSS", "Swift", "Bash Script", "Latex", "SQL"]