We design and execute your digital vision.

Brückner Data and Technology Consulting brings your digital innovation projects to life.

Located in Switzerland, Brückner Data and Technology Consulting offers to design and execute your digital innovation projects. Therefore, we combine the business consulting aspect of traditional consulting companies with the technical execution of traditional software companies. Thereby, we may ensure that the resulting technical outcome aligns with your business goals. To implement your project, we rely both on in-house resources and external experts, which are handpicked for your specific project.

Are you considering a digital project? We happily invite you to reach out to us to discuss how we can bring your project from vision to victory. So far, we invite you to have a look at our detailed service offerings and client cases.

Client Case Studies

At Brückner Data and Technology Consulting, we pride ourselves on delivering tangible solutions that drive digital innovation. To offer insights into our approach and the outcomes achieved, we've curated a selection of client case studies. These studies provide a detailed look into the challenges faced, our methodologies employed, and the results delivered. We invite you to explore these cases to better understand how we partner with our clients to transform their digital visions into reality.

Service Offering

At Brückner Data and Technology Consulting, our fundamental service revolves around the design and execution of digital innovation projects. Stemming from this central offering, we've explicitly differentiated two further services, being the analysis and automation of business processes and the creation of tailored AI-solutions. Engaging with us ensures a project journey underpinned by a consistent methodology that follows four phases:


We initiate by crystallising project objectives, scope, and specific requirements.

Team Assembly

We strategically assemble the optimal blend of internal and external expertise to ensure the success of your project.


With diligence and expertise, we realise your vision, always aligned with the outlined objectives.


Upon project completion, we furnish you with an exhaustive documentation and commit to remaining accessible for any future inquiries or discussions.

Explore our offerings further and discover how we can turn your digital ambitions into actionable realities, by reading up on our detailed service offering below.

About Us

Brückner Data and Technology Consulting was founded in Switzerland in January 2023. The company operates on a project basis for its clients. During an engagement with a client, we address the client's problem using modern, suitable and digital methods to provide an excellent solution. Thereby, we are committed to the following values:


We believe trust to be fundamental to any business relationship. Thus we value and regard it highly.


Performance is not merely our promise, it is our attitude. The urge to deliver excellency is what drives us forward.


We focus first and foremost on the provided value. Anything else is a distraction.

We live by these values day-by-day. They form the key-identity of who we are. Likewise, they are pledge to any stakeholder that we abide by conducting our business following these values.

Insights on Brückner

Benjamin Brückner

In January 2023, Benjamin L. Brückner founded Brückner Data and Technology Consulting. With an academic background in economics and data science (at HSG), he's driven to refine and innovate business strategies with analytical precision and technological prowess.

His professional journey was marked by his time at Hyphen, a boutique consulting firm, and his service as a sergeant in the Swiss Army's elite Cyber battalion. Before spearheading his consulting venture, Benjamin pioneered the Crypto Society St. Gallen, now Switzerland's foremost university-centric blockchain association.



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